Wet Room and Bathroom Adaption

Steve Dale Construction adapted bathroom

Wet Room and Bathroom Adaption

If for whatever reason you find using the bathroom an inconvenience or just difficult then you may want to consider a 'bathroom adaption' or 'wet room conversion'.

A bathroom adaption alters your existing facilities to include items that will aid your everyday bathroom experience. Items such as easy enter baths, hand rails, access lifts and mobility taps and devices will enhance your daily routine, whilst a wet room is a completely different experience. As the name suggests the idea is to convert your bathroom area into a completely water safe environment where you can splash away without worry. It's greatest advantage is space and devices such as wheel chairs and larger bathing aids can be deployed.

Firstly, whatever solution you choose Steve Dale Construction will help you every step of the way with experienced advice, planning and then undertaking the project. And it's not as disruptive as most people think, with careful planning and pre-thought the whole project can be completed very quickly.

And the advice that Steve Dale Construction provides is based upon a great deal of experience and many happy customers; Steve Dale Construction are also 'Local Authority Considered' contractors. So whatever you choose as your solution you can count on Steve Dale.