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Often neglected, yet vitally important for the protection of the elements entering your property and to get waste water away. At Steve Dale Construction we regularly advise that you have these elements of your property checked regularly, very much like a service for a car, so that early signs of issues can be detected and resolved. Any water entering your property, whether clean or dirty, is a problem, it can cause more damage than initially visible as with all liquids it will find gaps and seep into any absorbent material.

Steve Dale Construction can help you avoid such situations by giving your property a 'health check' and advise you on any problem areas. It may not be obvious but things like high winds, heavy rain, cold, excessive heat and snow will weaken structures and may cause damage. And should there be anything that needs attention Steve Dale Construction can advise you on the best way to resolve this.

And of course we all get blocked drains at some time in our property ownership. However, a great deal can be done to avoid any risk and again a check by Steve Dale Construction will ensure that your drains are fit for their purpose.

So, the often neglected areas of your property are some of the most important, please don't leave it too long before you get them checked.