Access Ramps, Access and Stairway Lifts

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Access Ramps, Access Lifts & Stairway Lifts

Suffering difficulty with mobility does not mean that you will have to vacate your home, there are many solutions to aid your access. Access Ramps, Access Lifts and Stairway Lifts are all ways in which your current home can be adapted to allow you a near normal routine in your own home.

And it's not overly obtrusive either which is what many people are concerned about. Ramps can be placed internally and also to allow access into a property. They can be designed to complement any architectural or decorating scheme you may have so they look like they should be there and not as an afterthought. Similarly, modern lift devices are much smaller and most can be stowed or folded when not in use.

Your property will remain your own and more importantly you will remain as independent as you wish to be.

And the advice that Steve Dale Construction provides is based upon a great deal of experience and many happy customers; Steve Dale Construction are also 'Local Authority Considered' contractors. So whatever you choose as your solution you can count on Steve Dale.