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Windows & Doors

We all need windows and doors in our property, we take them for granted every day, so much so in fact that do we all realise how important they really are. Not only do windows allow us to ventilate our properties and doors allow access in and out but they offer security, sound insulation, heat retention in winter and cooling reflection in summer.

Having the right windows and doors can save you valuable money on heating, repairs, maintenance and insurance. Doors and windows should have the correct locking points, fire escape hinges and energy saving glass too. And that's not all ... now you can even have self cleaning glass as well.

Changing your existing windows and doors is not too difficult either and most people falsely believe that it's a real messy and troublesome process. In most circumstances it's a stress free and clean installation which can be undertaken, on a standard property, in a few days or less.

Oh, and by the way did I mention that Steve Dale Construction are FENSA approved contractors.

So, now is the time to look good, save valuable money on heating and maintenance and keep your property safe from unwanted visitors. But remember to invite us, Steve Dale Construction to tell you more.